KYBA BY LAWS (Revised 11/7/2004)

Article I -- NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Keizer Youth Basketball Association, hereinafter referred to as KYBA.

Article II -- PURPOSE

The purpose of KYBA shall be to teach, govern and promote the game of basketball for players.


It shall be the objective of KYBA to promote sportsmanship and a sense of fair play within the framework of a team sport, to develop an interest in and a working knowledge of the game of basketball and to provide a recreational environment for these players.


A: Definition of Membership:

Player: The term player as applied in these by-laws means an amateur player in elementary grades 1 – 5 when the first regular season practice is conducted, or any other team or grade as approved by the KYBA.

Adult Member: An adult member shall be those persons actively engaged in fostering the game of basketball within KYBA such as parents of participating children, coaches, officers, and representatives.

B: Membership Qualifications:

Players must be registered with KYBA and pay the required fee, unless the KYBA board waives this fee for scholarship or other reasons.


A: The officers and their duties are:

President – The president shall be the presiding and general representative of the association. The president shall meet with the board approximately once a month from September through March (and other times when necessary), and will prepare an agenda for each meeting. He/she will appoint persons and/or committees to organize and implement specific tasks and oversee all operations.

Vice President – The vice-president shall conduct club affairs in the absence of the president, develop an annual association calendar for board approval and assist in assigning and organizing standing committees.

Secretary – The duties of the secretary are to keep accurate minutes of all board meetings and handle all correspondence. The secretary will inform all board members of upcoming meetings. The secretary shall prepare written notice for each member three weeks prior to the general meeting in March.

Treasurer – The treasurer shall be responsible for all association funds, and will collect and deposit registration fees, contributions and other income. The treasurer shall report on association finances at each board meeting. The treasurer may co-sign checks with any other officer on the KYBA.

B: The term of office for duly elected officers shall be one year, beginning April 1. No person may hold the office of president for more than three years consecutively.

C: The board shall adopt a budget and levy dues and assessment.

D: The board shall enforce all by-laws and, as necessary, make temporary rules and regulations for specific cases, on occasion not provided for in the by-laws, but which are determined necessary by the board to carry out the objectives of KYBA.

E: The board shall have the power to fill the vacancy of an officer or board member until the next general meeting of KYBA.

F: The board shall not have more than 20, nor less than 10, members.


A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum. All members of the board shall have one vote. The business of KYBA shall be conducted according to the Roberts Rules of Order.


A: Standing committees will be appointed by the president for a term of one year, and shall contain at least one officer or member of the board of directors.

B: A coaches conduct and review committee shall be appointed, containing not less than three members. In the case of a complaint about a coach’s conduct, the committee shall:
(1) write to the parties involved asking for written input
(2) meet to hear and discuss the allegations within 12 days of their occurrence or complaint
(3) recommend final disposition to the board within 21 days of their occurrence or complaint
The board may suspend or release coaches.

Article X -- TEAMS

The age grouping and number of players for the formation of teams will be set by the board of directors. Once teams have been established, no player may switch teams (once either of the affected teams has begun practice), without the approval of a majority of the board.


A: Any child enrolled in public or private school between the grades 1 – 5, or home-schooled at equivalent level, is eligible to participate in KYBA and any of its affiliated activities.

B: KYBA, at the discretion of a majority of the board, can limit participation on a case by case basis.


These by-laws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the membership present at the general meeting.

Article XIII

In the event of dissolution of KYBA, all remaining fund balances will be placed in trust with an appropriate agency/agencies for the exclusive use of Keizer youth sports.